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Having a bomb shelter or fallout shelter these days is no longer associated with The Cuban Missle Crisis. Modern threats demand that we do all we can to "be ready" for a homland terrorist attack. This Temet Life Safety System is currently being used by ALL branches of the U. S. Military along with the Armed Forces of: Australia, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, NATO, Kuwait, Korea, Saudi Arabia and others.

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Terrorist Attack Survival Tent - NBC Protection System

Catalog Price: $9,600
The Terrorist Attack Survival Tent is a novel concept for rapidly deployable collective Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) protection. The system was designed for use at home or at the office and is based on proven military shelter technology. It is the ONLY portable safe room with a government tested and approved filtering system and blower unit. The Protection System comprises a Protective Tent with overhead rope supports and a Filter/Blower unit provided with an effective Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Filter. The entry to the Protective Tent is through a zippered lock chamber to prevent the loss of positive pressure in the Protective Tent when using the entryway. The system Filter-Blower Unit is powered by an electric motor and equipped with a manual hand crank back-up drive easily operable by one person. Additional features of the Filter-Blower Unit are a Pre-filter for removal of coarse particles from the intake air, and an Emergency Light functional in manual operation. The system components are packed in a special container for rapid deployment. Once the necessary preparations are performed, the complete Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection System can be made fully operational in less than 15 minutes!

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