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Home Defense Products We have selected these items with a number of things in mind. If you really end up using these devices, what would they offer you? HomeDefenseProducts.com believes an early warning attack alarm of any kind may at very least give you a moment of reflection, and at best, give you an opporotunity to utilize protective clothing. A portable rediation meter could effectively define the best path to avoid contaminated debris during an escape.

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Geiger Counter Wrist Watch

Catalog Price: $399.99
This specially developed geiger counter in a highly precision Swiss watch is a stylish and stealthy way to be pre-warned. Modern stainless case provides water resistance up to 100 Meters. Electro luminescent backlight allows easy control of instrument readings in total darkness. Designed for performing continuous monitoring of radiation conditions in the environment, detection of contaminated places as well as for tracking accumulated human doses. These unique watches are very popular and will sell out soon. Please allow 4-6 weeks delivery.

CD V-715 Geigercounter Radation Detection Meter

Catalog Price: $269.99
Staying away from contaminated debris may make the difference. This portable monitoring instrument measures gamma radiation dose rates as high as 500 roentgens per-hour. It was designed to be used by radiological civil defense personnel in determining radioactive contamination levels that may result from terrorist/enemy attack or other nuclear disasters. Use this device to ensure the best escape route for your family.

RadiTect Personal Radation Alarm

Catalog Price: $299.99
Tested precision instrument: Each radiation meter is subjected to rigorous endurance testing supervised by a certified NRC licensed lab. Each unit receives its own serialized test certificate. All radiation types: Reliably measures alpha, beta, gamma and x-radiation. (Depends on which model) Built in 90DB alarm Low power consumption: The built-in battery lasts up to three years. PC Software Menu control: An easy-to-understand menu guides you through all device functions. Data storage: Radiation monitor continuously stores recorded pulses in internal memory. Evaluation by computer: Specially designed software included with RADITECT II allows data download and evaluation on your laptop or PC. Compact design: Raditect Geiger counter is shock resistant, compact, light, and easily fits in your hand or pocket. Event Dose Calculation - If an alarm event occurs, RADITECT will store the radiation dose that was received during the event (beginning and end of elevated levels). This will give you the ability to make an assessment of your future risk. User selectable integration times LCD with Qualitative Information - RADITECT's most powerful feature. It reports radiation levels as Normal, Elevated, Warning/Unnaturally High, Danger /Long Term, Danger/ Short Term, or Fatal/ Short Term using a LCD display. It also indicates weather the radiation is increasing or decreasing and the rate. This will provide guidance to both experienced and inexperienced users as to how to deal with the emergency. No other device provides this type of information. Output RS-232 Serial Port. Active X control for remote PC control and monitoring - Allows you to set up a network of monitoring stations. Extremely Large Range - RADITECT will detect radiation from 0 to 1000 Rad/hr. Many other detectors will stop working at 10 Rad/hr or less.

Personal Skin Decontamination Field Pack

Unavailable - not for sale
Standard houshold cleaners just won't do. The M291 Skin Decontamination Kit consists of a wallet-like carrying pouch containing six individual decontamination packets, enough to perform three complete skin decontaminations. Each packet contains an applicator pad filled with decontamination powder. Operating temperatures are -50 to 120 F and storage temperatures are -60 to 160 F. The M291 allows you to completely decontaminate your skin through physical removal, absorption, and neutralization of toxic agent with no long-term harmful effects. This item is for external use.


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