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Home Defense Products Americans are very worried that they or someone in their family will become victims of a terrorist attack in the United States. In major urban centers, the level of worry is increasing daily.

The new Homeland Security initiative has declaired a need to be ready. If you have been exposed to a nuclear biological or chemical agent, or if you have reason to believe an attack will occur or is occurring, please contact your local health department and/or your local police or other law enforcement agency.

All shipping from Home Defense Products to your doorstep is by UPS. The people of UPS are committed to doing "absolutely, positively" whatever it takes to deliver our survival products to you. UPS delivers our survival products Monday thru Friday by 5:00 pm EST. Expect a two week delivery time after purchase.

Be predpared. The very nature of terrorism suggests there may be little or no warning. Select one or more products below today.

Scott Pro Mask 40 Gas Mask with NBC Filter

Catalog Price: $219.99
The Promask 40 by Scott Safety has an all black stealth design. Its uniquely contoured edge provides excellent fit. It includes a speech diaphragm for optimal personal communication. The Scott NBC Promask is a full face mask and provides good comfort and protection against a wide variety of respiratory hazards in major industrial applications. Promask has many unique features as well as offering proven convenience and reliable performance.

SCOTT M95 Military Gas Mask w/NBC Filter

Catalog Price: $249.99
The SCOTT M95 Respirator System is designed to meet the critical hazards encountered in warfare and incorporates the highest standards in NBC protection with unrivaled comfort, reliability and wearer acceptance. This mask is ergonomically designed and will fit most adults. Ideal for tactical operations and civil defense, fast donning for fast protection. This is a full military spec mask designed to protect against nuclear, biological and chemical exposure.

SGE Advantage 1000 Gas Mask With NBC Filter and Drinking Canteen

Catalog Price: $229.99
State of the art gas mask uses standard 40mm NATO threaded filters, has NBC proof drinking system, and comes with NBC canteen specially designed for the SGE-1000. This is the best deal available for a fully rated NBC mask-exceeds specs of US military. Full facial sheild provides great visability and is ballistic hard polycarbonate. Features a six point head harness and an effective voice emitter diaphragm. The SGE-1000 is a new model, and adds a complete drinking system, and several new re-designs over the SGE-400.

First Responders HAZMAT Hooded Mask

Catalog Price: $94.99
These personal escape masks protect respiratory organs, eyes, and the entire head area against toxic air, enabling immediate and quick escape from areas of danger. Pocket-sized and easy to use No adjustment straps, allowing for quick donning Strong, fire-resistant, rubber hood protects the entire head and seals at the neck.Accommodates long hair, facial hair, and glasses Large, fire-resistant visor provides a wide field of view. CE Mark approval: 97 CE 0336 Filter contains seven layers of activated charcoal cloth with special impregnation against acid gases.

Integrated NBC Infant Survival System

Catalog Price: $469.99
Babies cannot wear gas masks. This is a loose fitting hood with integral carrying frame, blower, lithium battery, NP8000 filter, and feeding system. The battery powers the blower, which pulls contaminated air into the filter and pumps filtered air through the hood. Easy to use. Designed for immediate use after long-term storage. Made of transparent material so the baby can be seen at all times. Adjustable straps hold the infant snugly inside, and two inside zippers open easily to secure the baby. A feeding bottle and a comfortable carrying frame are included. The airflow is 3 cfm, providing positive pressure and a comfortable, protective flow through the hood. Operates at 6 volts. Shelf life, 10 years. Operating time approximately 10 hours with lithium batteries. Spare battery holder is provided so that batteries can be changed very quickly. Uses 4 AA batteries. Fitted with lithium batteries at the factory, but will accept alkaline types.

Dupont NBC Exposure Suit

Catalog Price: $89.99
This kit includes the Military Tyvek F suit, 1 pair of nitrile gloves, 1 pair of booties. Military Tyvek F provides an exceptionally high level of protection against all known biological and chemical warfare agents. Tyvek F has been tested and certified by the prestigious TNO Laboratories in the Netherlands having passed all the standards NATO tests for chemical warfare protection. Attached hood and wrist are equipped with heavy elastic closures to seal to gas mask and gloves. New version includes fully attached booties offering double-layered foot protection.

Personal Skin Decontamination Field Pack

Unavailable - not for sale
Standard houshold cleaners just won't do. The M291 Skin Decontamination Kit consists of a wallet-like carrying pouch containing six individual decontamination packets, enough to perform three complete skin decontaminations. Each packet contains an applicator pad filled with decontamination powder. Operating temperatures are -50 to 120 F and storage temperatures are -60 to 160 F. The M291 allows you to completely decontaminate your skin through physical removal, absorption, and neutralization of toxic agent with no long-term harmful effects. This item is for external use.

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